Last night, Anaphora’s Nishant Zobovic released new hair with new textures and shades. The selection is limited to two styles at the moment, one for the lasses and one for the lads. Gotta’ say though, I’m seeing the improvement.



This is what I’m talking about:


Jord (on the left) is one of the earliest releases from Anaphora when they were new on the grid, and Morrison (on the right) is their newest release for men. I was never a fan of the brand as I’m blonde and the shades were limited to this and this, and maybe even this.

The quality overall has improved, and maybe we’ve seen the last of that.










So, I went to Reek today and accidentally bought Riq’s newest glasses all thanks to lag and my not-so-magic mouse. Turns out, they’re alllllright. No harm, no foul.




The Amazing Senan :

Skin : The Abyss – <A> ID 1208-2_SKIN [Bald] (tinted)

Hair : [Anaphora] – _Morrison_Isabelline (<—- great shade!)

Glasses : Reek – Augie Glasses

Moustache : There isn’t one. NOOOOOO!

Tattoo : Aitui – Fool of Fowles

Tank : NINIKOBOY – TANKTOP2 (white)


Pants : Zoobong – !ZB: Sekh jeans (blue2)

Shoes : *ordinary* – Loridae

Location : A charming corner of Le Mont Saint Michel



That’s all for today, kids.


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