An Exhibition

Since I bought the entire fatpack, I thought I might as well do a full blown review of the skins. Well, I say review, but I have almost nothing bad to say about it.

Mars Absent has been working on some pretty realistic skins that are mod.

Each skin comes with a theme and a base (both with and without hairbases), each one with a different set tone. These can be edited lighter/darker (and so on), but not by too much. So, be sure to demo and play around with it before you buy it (yes, the demos are mod too). Everything in each pack comes in the demo, just remember that each set only comes with one pair of eyes, unless you buy the fatpack.

In a single pack you get just about everything an avatar needs except clothes.
Yes, I do mean you get your very own penis; not one, but two (flaccid and erect/unscripted). GI Joe no more.

The following photographs are of the themed skins with the hairbase. If you click the image, you’ll also see the eyes that come with the theme.

And a close up of the Zombie skin and bloodshot eyes …

Immense Detail

Lookit that. Perfect for wandering the grid and scaring people — a personal hobby of mine. If it’s not one of yours, you might find yourself inspired once you don the decay.

To break it down:

  • Skin – Theme and base both with and without hairbases. That’s 4 skins in one set, and 16 in the fatpack.
  • Hair (not shown in photographs)
  • Hairbase – one basic one, and one with the added jaw (as seen in the pictures/modded)
  • Shape (not shown in photographs. No, ’tis a homemade Sen shape.)
  • Eyes – Each skin set comes with one colour with prim contacts. There is also an alpha layer to hide eyelashes. Mars added in an eyelid shadow prim, but I can’t seem to find it’s true purpose…
  • Penis – Flaccid (as demonstrated) and erect, both unscripted.

One issue I have with the skin is the pelvic bone. With the included shape, you can’t see any issues, but if you prefer to wear another, you might notice that if you don’t have a long enough hip length, the skin texture stretches. You’ll see this if you click on any of the full-body images. It’s not a big deal, since I spend most of my SLife wearing pants.

The second is the heavy bags around the eyes. While detailed, it does stand out and age the skin. As a relatively young SLer, I take preference to younger skins and have been stuck with Den Dou for months, so I reckon I’m just too used to the lack of detail around the eyes.

The fatpack, might I add, is 50% off for now. That’s 4K against the future 8K Mars will be charging in the future. Single packs are 2K, as usual.

And lastly …


Senan Gartner: how impressed are you with the tonsils?
Xaji Streeter: very BLEEPing impressed
Xaji Streeter: quite possibly
Xaji Streeter: the most impressive skin overall I have laid my eyes on
Xaji Streeter: and the tonsils
Xaji Streeter: just show how much BLEEPing detail that skin has

We love tonsils. Do you?


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