The Dark Dane

Just a quick evening post, mostly to exhibit to Mars Absent’s new skins a bit more. Despite taking preference to paler skins, I bought Mars’ <TheAbyss> ID 1208 fatpack since the skin is one of the best I have encountered since using Second Life. You can edit the pigment, add makeup (if that’s what you’re into), freckles, facial definition, and so on. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, the face itself is extremely detailed. It’s actually almost ‘too realistic’ — it has tonsils. Oh yes. Tonsils.


Skin : The Abyss – <A> ID 1208-3_SKIN [Bald]

Hair : (epoque hair) Calm – Dips

Glasses : (epoque) Retro Shades

Tattoo : Aitui – Fool of Fowles

Shirt : *ARAI*  – Simple T_white

Pants : +KiiToS!! Sinilintu+ Cropped Pants/ Hound’s-tooth Check

Shoes : [ hoorenbeek ] –  SlipOn/Plain Colors

Location : Alirium


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