Road to Perdition

Despite the title, I never actually roleplay at Perdition. There’s only so much ‘I’m a badass, and a powergamer’ I can take before I take my mad skills and leave.

Still, the urban landscape makes a short trip worthwhile.

Most SLers know about the Hair Fair (Wigs for Kids) that’s going on. SLers who happen to be men are probably a bit miffed that there’s not a lot for them. Saying that, we should have resigned ourselves already. So, you should go and donate regardless, it’s a good cause and stuff.

HOWEVER! Bryce Designs (100% Dude Oriented) has delivered this year with a couple of new hairs and a freebie pack that DOESN’T suck. My gratitude is insurmountable, I assure you.


Skin : The Abyss  –  ID 1208-4_SKIN

Hairbase :[CheerNo] –  ColorHAIR base/Chumbo (Tiffany Selection)

Hair : Bryce  –  Cooper/Whitewash-Ice

Glasses : Reek – Augie Glasses

Fag : .:Hermony:.  –  FilterCigarette (with exhale)

Tattoo : AITUI  –  Classroom Notes/Fresh

Jacket & Skirt : NINIKOBOY  –  1 Button Jacket and Shirt combo/Black & Mocha

Pants : {MV}  –  Black Bleached Jeans

Shoes : HOC Industries  –  Easy Striders/Grunge  (join the group to get the extra textures)

Notebook : Scribble Moleskin


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