We’ve all been there.

Those mornings when you’re hungover, it’s pelting down with rain, reflecting your inner-mood, and all you want to do is pass out.

So, you pull yourself together in your own haphazard way for work or class, all the while attempting to make tired look cool…

…before slumping into a big chair, the kind that reminds you of a bed — or perhaps it is a bed — while ruminating on why you had to have that last drink.

Senan :

Skin : The Abyss  –  ID 1208-4_SKIN

Hair : [Shag]  –  Violator/fawn (modded darker)

Tattoo layer : Exile  – Insomnia (freebie at the Hair Fair)

Fag : .:Hermony:.  –  FilterCigarette (with exhale)

Tattoo : .:::: dEVOL ::::.  –  Crow Message to the Earth (no longer available)

Coat : AVid  –  Moonlight Set – Coat (part of an outfit)

Shirt : Schadenfreude  –  White Oxford shirt

Tie : Armidi Gisaci  – Classic Italia Tie (flexi w/collar)/blue

Pants : Emery – Pant suit/Black

Shoes : Redgrave – Elegance Shoes/black (modded darker)


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