Narcissus so himself himself forsook

Designers United 4 has been going on since September 4th. While it’s mostly directed at the lasses (wonder why 😉 ), there are a few items there for the lads.

Yes, I bought ONE single item from DU4.
Just the one.

Still, I managed to find myself a bint to advertise the event a little more. Meet Alex; she who exudes an egoism to triumph even that of Xaji Streeter.

While I didn’t get much from the event, the work that went into it can be seen from every designer who participated, so kudos!

Senan :

Skin : The Abyss  –  ID 1208-4_SKIN

Hair : Cheerno  –  Troylee/Surreal

Tattoo : -MonS-   –   Narcissus “Only Me” Tattoo/Men (DU4 exclusive)

Alex :

Skin : Mother Goose –  Yuri

Hair : Lamb – Heart/Milk (Hair Fair 2010)

Tattoo layer : Miamai – Les Makeups/Feathered

Dress (inc. hood) : [ORTA]  – Echo (DU4 exclusive)

Shoes : CheerNo Femme Julia Shoes/Cod Grey

Location: Creamshop


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