The many facets of Sen Gartner.

There’s a time in every person’s SLife where they experiment with their look. You see the BDSM crowd, you see the furries, you see the crack whores, you see those with small-head-syndrome – basically, you see everything imaginable and unimaginable.

You also see the Hipsters. This is my exaggerated take on it. It’s 70s porn star – come – sex offender.

Senan :

Skin : The Abyss – ID 1208-4

Hair : Shag – Rocket Man/Black

Tattoo layer : Cheerno – ColorHAIR base Black/ Surreal

Glasses : ReekJunior Shades

Mouth attachment : {theosophy} – Galli Lips/Stache (Project Themeory)

Pet Rock : {theosophy} Comes with stache

Cardigan/Shirt : Nylon Outfitters (NO) – Men’s Cardigan Mix/Purple & Black

Pants : Meriken Co. –  CELL GY/Long pants (modded)

Shoes : HOC Industries – Easy Strider/Grunge (group members texture)

Project Themeory this week has delivered! Trace Osterham has released another Galli lip attachment, the ‘stache smile, that comes with a pet rock. It’s inspiring, ain’t it.

The rock’s name is Liz. Yes, I know she looks like a very drunk and stupid Irish rock, but the only other name I could come up with would have resulted in a typo-filled war with one of them.

Nobody wants that…


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