Back to school and going Wilde.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: ‘Look at that well-constructed title! How did he get to be so witty?’

It’s a secret. But it might involve a lot of whiskey and many, many years of education. This is why they tell you to go to school, so you can have titles like that.

Some of us … will be getting up (late) at 8.45am to jog to class for 9am.

Look at that picture of despair.
It’s you.
It’s your misery.
It’s your hangover + fresher’s flu + laziness.
Actually, it’s me. But still . . .

What did he throw on himself this time?

Skin : Den Dou – Eito Clean/Pale

Hair : Cheerno – Troylee/ Blonde Platinum

Hairbase : Cheerno – Color Hairbase/ B medio

Tattoo : Aitui – Fool of Fowles

Glasses : Reek – Junior Shades

Shirt : BalAni’s – Vest Brown and White

Pants : Doppelganger Inc. – Cuffed Cords/Brown (50 Linden Friday item)

Shoes : HOC Industries – Easy Striders/Grunge

Pose (Picture 1): Long Awkward Pose – M – Pit Sniffer

P.S  Xaji is still being held ransom, which is why the bas..poor guy never posts. Support Xaji in his time of need and go to Zoobong and demand him back! Or, offer Ashton Reikaz your services . . .


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