It’s a man’s world

Two skin releases today, would you believe.

Meet Harmony, a new creation by Brox Riaxik for his brand, DNA Cloning Facility.

I’ve never been a fan of DNA, or skins like DNA. In the past, they’ve been heavily shaded/too old/too tan/GI Joe. Harmony is a step away from that. This skin is younger, not as shadowed and it even has paler options, and yet the detail of the skin isn’t compromised.

… and 500L for a single pack for 24 hours (soon to end, if it hasn’t already, so hurry).

In a single pack you get:

  • Hairbase/Bald skins
  • [ DNA ] .::.:HARMONY:.::. [_TYPE 43_] [_EYES_]  in bloodshot and white (not pictured
  • Harmony Shape (not pictured)
  • Browshaper (not pictured)
  • Facelight

All of it for 500L, for now. Tomorrow it will be 1,450L.

The second skin of the day is LeLutka‘s newest, Caleb, by Thora Charron.

I was one of the probable few of the male populace to do the summer LeLutka survey, but one of the things I mentioned was the ‘age’ of their skins. Well, whaddya’ know, it looks like LeLutka paid attention! \o/

Caleb looks a lot younger than Eron, Ishmael (and so on). Around the eyes, there’s detail, but nothing overzealous or too dramatic. It’s an improvement, from my perspective. The only problem I can see now is the shade of the skins offered. The pale (pictured) is dark, whereas their previous releases came in alabaster to ebony shades. However, in spite of that, they do sell a blonde facial hair version of the skin that includes a darker brow tattoo layer.

It didn’t deter me, nonetheless. At 1750L, it was a fair buy, and 250L cheaper than their prices a few months ago.

As usual, LeLutka includes a vast amount of extras along with the skin. Included with a single pack:

  • Hairbase/Bald skins
  • Caleb shape (not pictured)
  • Browshaper (not pictured)
  • Pubic hair (undershirt layer and tattoo layer)
  • Chest hair (undershirt layer and tattoo layer)
  • Homme Intimates Box (aka. a scripted penis and HUD and no, it’s obviously not pictured)
  • Eron Lashes (not pictured)
  • Two Caleb hairs in dark brown. (not pictured)

I was recently speaking to Dr Puddlegum of [Explicit], whose hair I’ve come to like a lot. The styles are modern, yet not heavily scripted or laggy, and they’re mod. At the moment, the shades are limited to four (blonde, brown, ginger and black), but with the ability to mod, that isn’t such a problem. You’ll be seeing a lot of his work in this blog from now on, I’d wager. In the images above you will see his Ax Royce 2.0 Brown hair, modded slightly darker.

‘Other Stuff’ credits:

  • Worn

Shapes by Senan Gartner

Pose by Senan Gartner

Amazing Jockstrap by rcbg. (Kyrsten Jigsaw)

  • Props

Trilogy Skybox designed by Stein Shilova

Armchair by LISP’s Pandora Popst (free in Seasons Hunt)

Umbrella Newspaper by RC Cluster’s Redd Columbia

Fork by Vextra Messing (found it in Cáfe Poulard)

Dirty vintage playboy mags by [croire] (Emily Kaestner)


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