Arsing around.

So, I realise it’s been some time. As you might have seen here, I (like Xaji) was kidnapped and taken to a secluded cabin in ‘The Middle of Nowhere’. It was horrific, but it was all very stylish and shit. That’s my excuse.

Xaji remains in the cabin, very alone. Will we see him again? Only time will tell. And cue the eerie music …

Regardless, here I am … lazing about…

..with ample reading material.

[Explicit] is temporarily closed, and Dr. P is doing some recon, but I suggest you take a trip to his store anyway and get the gift he left us all (click the big robot thing). Included is new hair (pictured), a leaf for your mouth and odd looking teeth (neither pictured).

Meanwhile, Wavie Haller has been a busy lad, bringing us men new skin and an entire collection of clothes at *Valiant*. I’m donning the latest skin from *Sacred*, Robert, and I have nothing bad to say about it. The nose is a definite improvement and it’s a bargain as you get:
4 skins : Black/Brown brows with hairbase/no hairbase options
A penis for the man who never let a sharp medical utensil near his precious bits \o/
Three tattoo layers to enhance your skin : lip shadow, blusher and guyliner
Brow shapers, as customary.

Skin : Sacred Skins – Robert Tone 1 – Stubble/Brown brows

Hair : [Explicit] – The Siren/Auburn

Tattoo layer on the nose : Cobrahive – Sniffles

Watch : HOC Industries – Watch 01/Black

Shirt : *Valiant* – Plain grey tee (part of an outfit and sold separately)

Pants : *Valiant* – Snuggly black sweatpants

Shoes : ::Maschienenwerk:: – LowTop II WHITE (free, and the store is back!)

Pose: Languidity – by me. I’ve been toying with the brand name, something like ‘Senimation’ comes to mind. Ah, my impressive wordy-skills strike again!


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