the birth and death of the day.

  • You know you’re a twat when you forget your Flickr password.
  • You know you’re an even bigger twat when you manage to remember you didn’t write it down.

Sod’s law.


Anyway, a bint, Deschanel, and I were frolicking gaily in the snow among the trees and the newbs people

Never cross ice when it has violins on it. It’s an old wives’ tale, sure, but it’s a wise one.

Another one is: don’t cross an angry tree or you’ll go plummeting into a camera.

Nora, I adore ya’:

Skin : Trés Blah – Je June/Rose

Hair : !lamb. – Honey/Powder

Earmuffs: (Milk Motion) – My Earmuff

Scarf : (Milk Motion) – My vintage scarf / Flowers 2

Cardigan : LeLutka – OTONO Cardigan/Chocolate

Shirt : W&B – Cole Boatneck top/Lonestar

Skirt : SMS – Chiffon Lacy Skirt/Floral beige (NEW)

Tights : The Secret Store – Red wool tights

Boots : SMS Lazy Boots/Black

The Old Wives, of the Old Wives’ Tales, also said that sitting in a chair in warm cabin makes people smile. Looks like that’s true as well.


Skin : *Sacred* Robert / Tone 1 Shaved

Hair : LeLutka – Seth / BlondeFun

Hat : {theosophy} – Jedburgh Hat / Chai

Nose/tattoo : Cobrahive – Sniffles

Undershirt : *BOOM* – +4 Warmth Thermal / Milo (relatively new)

Sweater : MAKNIE** – Reindeer layered tee

Jeans : Arai – Nonwash Denim (NEW)

Socks : Pig – Argyle Sock M. Suspender – Antrim S

Trainers : *FIR & MNA* – Wavie Shoes

Both shapes and all poses (inc. sit) are made by myself.

And so came the death of the day.



One response to “the birth and death of the day.

  1. Boredandrestless67743 November 28, 2010 at 4:32 am

    I am the walrussssss

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