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My shadows are gone. Kirsten’s viewer crashes on mouse-to-login impact.

This is another short post. But, since I’m here, I recommend a trip to *DROT* for a snowball fight and invite your mates. I spent over an hour there with the Doc&Co trying to win (and failing). Oh, and he’s brought out new hair – Jeremy 2.0 (pictured).

To the people who are fans of Wavie Haller’s *Sacred* skinline, if you join the group (L$100) you can receive a pack of free skins he has compiled, and his newest, ‘Bushy Bob’, is pictured above. It’s essentially Robert with dimples, thicker brows and bigger lips.

Senan :

Skin : *Sacred* Skin  –  Bushy Bob group gift

Hair : *DROT*  –  Jeremy 2.0 / Silver (modded to ash blonde)

Snood : {theosophy}  –  Ettrick Snood / Evergreen (Project Themeory)

Shirt : [arnadi]  –  Tshirt Jimi Hendrix

Coat : Kiitos  –  Pea Coat (closed version ONLY) / *Tweed* (Christmas group gift)

Pants : *Valiant*  –  Black V001

Boots : [Gos]  –  GTFO Boot in Granite

Pose by Senan Gartner



Very quick post to say …

Senan found SHADOWS. They don’t look brilliant right now because the lag on Kirsten’s viewer was immense on my small, small macbook, but it’s good to know that I CAN.



Skin : Den Dou  –  Eito Pale  / Clean

Hair : (epoque)  –  Shy / Grain

Jumper : {MV}  –  Deer Sweater (Zombie Popcorn Hunt)

Jeans : *Muism*  – Straight Fit Jeans / Black_Dirt 1

Boots : Adjunct   – Slipper Boots / Grey (Zombie Popcorn Hunt)


under my skin.

pab185 Murfin, the creator of *LEE-ME* introduced me to his tattoo brand this evening.

Below, Deschanel is wearing the plain spine tattoo layer and I am wearing the ‘DNA and its science’ tattoo layer. Even thought it’s made for men, it fits the female form well. The pack contains ALL layers, including the tattoo layer, and you get three versions of the tattoo, two of which are shown below.

The tattoo costs 199L, and most of his tattoos range from the 30L-200L bracket, which is pretty reasonable for the quality.

Senan :

Skin : *Sacred* Skin  –  Robert T1 / stubble

Hair : *DROT*  –  The Steven / blonde

Tattoo : *LEE-ME*  –   The Science of a Spine / Spine with DNA and its science

Jeans : *Valiant*  –  Grey V001 / tight (modded)

Pose by Senan Gartner

Deschanel :

Skin : [LeLutka]  –  Nastasha in Hush / Makeup 1

Hair : !lamb.  –  Glass Candy / Powder inc. shaved head tattoo layer

Tattoo : *LEE-ME*  –   The Science of a Spine /  Spine

Jeans : [SC] Surf Couture  –  Belmar Skinny Jeans / Original 1




Quickie #3

Senan :

Skin : Den Dou  –  Eito Pale / Clean

Hair : (epoque hair)  –  Shy / Grain pack (modded to fit hat)

Hat : {theosophy}  – Jedburgh Hat / Chai

Jumper : [Iruco]  –  Roll-neck jumper / brown

Jacket : [LeLutka]  –  MATUSALEN jacket / brownie

Gloves : Reek  –  Cozy Mittens / Beige

Pants : Doppelganger  –  Cuffed cords / black

Boots : [Gos]  –  [Docs V2] 8 Hole / “old” add-on boot polish


Poses by Senan Gartner


Quickie #2


Senan :

Skin : *Sacred* Skin  – Robert T1 / Stubble

Hair : *DROT*  –  The Steven / Blonde (modded to fit hat)

Hat : Reek  – Merritt Hat

T-shirt : [arnadi]  – Jimi Hendrix

Coat : +KiiToS!! Sinilintu+   –  Pea Coat *Gray*

Pants : Emery  –  Denim M Mistfits [Light]

Boots : -WMD-   –  Aussie Boots / Grungy

Pose by Senan Gartner

i just never took the time.

Quickie, just for you.

Senan :
Skin : Den Dou  –  Eito / Pale & Clean

Hair : *DROT*  –  The Steven / Blonde

Shirt/Waistcoat : ::[ Mr.Poet ]::  –  Peacoat and Pleated shirt-Vest set_Turq

Pants : Whippet & Buck [W&B]  –  Boyd Dress Trousers (modded)

Shoes : Redgrave  –  Classic Leather boots

Pose by Senan Gartner

Skybox : {theosophy} – Port Eynon

*DROT* is what was known as [Explicit], now by Doctor Aho. The old landmark will take you there.

norwegian wood.

Just a short post titled in the spirit of a Beatles song and a very weird, somehow intriguing, Murakami novel.

Skin : Den Dou  – Eito / Pale Stubble

Hairbase : [CheerNo] Hairbase – Blacks Surreal

Hair : [CheerNo] – ORIEL Hair / Surreal (old TDR item)

Scarf : MOGU  –  Long Muffler / TYPE02 BLACK

Shirt : Schadenfreude – White Oxford Shirt

Vest : Alphavillian – Karl Rossmann Vest / Mustard accent

Jacket :*FIR & MNA* Guvnor Jacket (50L Friday)

Pants : *FIR & MNA* –  Carter Pants / Khaki

Shoes : Reek – Boston Boots (50L Friday)

Pose : Self-made (in the image below, it’s [LAP] Long Awkward Pose – Shy Guy 1)

And when I awoke, I was alone, this bird had flown.

the birth and death of the day.

  • You know you’re a twat when you forget your Flickr password.
  • You know you’re an even bigger twat when you manage to remember you didn’t write it down.

Sod’s law.


Anyway, a bint, Deschanel, and I were frolicking gaily in the snow among the trees and the newbs people

Never cross ice when it has violins on it. It’s an old wives’ tale, sure, but it’s a wise one.

Another one is: don’t cross an angry tree or you’ll go plummeting into a camera.

Nora, I adore ya’:

Skin : Trés Blah – Je June/Rose

Hair : !lamb. – Honey/Powder

Earmuffs: (Milk Motion) – My Earmuff

Scarf : (Milk Motion) – My vintage scarf / Flowers 2

Cardigan : LeLutka – OTONO Cardigan/Chocolate

Shirt : W&B – Cole Boatneck top/Lonestar

Skirt : SMS – Chiffon Lacy Skirt/Floral beige (NEW)

Tights : The Secret Store – Red wool tights

Boots : SMS Lazy Boots/Black

The Old Wives, of the Old Wives’ Tales, also said that sitting in a chair in warm cabin makes people smile. Looks like that’s true as well.


Skin : *Sacred* Robert / Tone 1 Shaved

Hair : LeLutka – Seth / BlondeFun

Hat : {theosophy} – Jedburgh Hat / Chai

Nose/tattoo : Cobrahive – Sniffles

Undershirt : *BOOM* – +4 Warmth Thermal / Milo (relatively new)

Sweater : MAKNIE** – Reindeer layered tee

Jeans : Arai – Nonwash Denim (NEW)

Socks : Pig – Argyle Sock M. Suspender – Antrim S

Trainers : *FIR & MNA* – Wavie Shoes

Both shapes and all poses (inc. sit) are made by myself.

And so came the death of the day.


Just a man of few words.

This is just a post expressing my agonising hatred of this SL movement towards shadows. Why, you wonder? Because I am partial to the sin that is envy.

I, Mac user, am royally fucked. No matter what I do, no matter how ‘good’ my specs are, they’re just not good enough to enable shadows. WHY, LL, WHY?!


/Rant. Over.

Arsing around.

So, I realise it’s been some time. As you might have seen here, I (like Xaji) was kidnapped and taken to a secluded cabin in ‘The Middle of Nowhere’. It was horrific, but it was all very stylish and shit. That’s my excuse.

Xaji remains in the cabin, very alone. Will we see him again? Only time will tell. And cue the eerie music …

Regardless, here I am … lazing about…

..with ample reading material.

[Explicit] is temporarily closed, and Dr. P is doing some recon, but I suggest you take a trip to his store anyway and get the gift he left us all (click the big robot thing). Included is new hair (pictured), a leaf for your mouth and odd looking teeth (neither pictured).

Meanwhile, Wavie Haller has been a busy lad, bringing us men new skin and an entire collection of clothes at *Valiant*. I’m donning the latest skin from *Sacred*, Robert, and I have nothing bad to say about it. The nose is a definite improvement and it’s a bargain as you get:
4 skins : Black/Brown brows with hairbase/no hairbase options
A penis for the man who never let a sharp medical utensil near his precious bits \o/
Three tattoo layers to enhance your skin : lip shadow, blusher and guyliner
Brow shapers, as customary.

Skin : Sacred Skins – Robert Tone 1 – Stubble/Brown brows

Hair : [Explicit] – The Siren/Auburn

Tattoo layer on the nose : Cobrahive – Sniffles

Watch : HOC Industries – Watch 01/Black

Shirt : *Valiant* – Plain grey tee (part of an outfit and sold separately)

Pants : *Valiant* – Snuggly black sweatpants

Shoes : ::Maschienenwerk:: – LowTop II WHITE (free, and the store is back!)

Pose: Languidity – by me. I’ve been toying with the brand name, something like ‘Senimation’ comes to mind. Ah, my impressive wordy-skills strike again!