49L sale for the dudes, dudes. Round #3

For the entire list of participating stores, click ME.

Skin : [ DNA ] – HARMONY Type 1A

Hair : [Explicit] – Ax Rose

Fag : *Action Cigs Set – Grunge & Clean

Shirt : Adjunct – Clean Dress Shirt/White

Sweater : [YU] – Varsity Sweater White (free in the Seasons Hunt)

Jacket : sf design – ‘saville’ suit brown (part of an outfit)

Pants : Adjunct – Slim Fit Chino

Socks : *ARAI* –  Daily socks_02

Shoes : HOC Industries – Easy Striders


It’s a man’s world

Two skin releases today, would you believe.

Meet Harmony, a new creation by Brox Riaxik for his brand, DNA Cloning Facility.

I’ve never been a fan of DNA, or skins like DNA. In the past, they’ve been heavily shaded/too old/too tan/GI Joe. Harmony is a step away from that. This skin is younger, not as shadowed and it even has paler options, and yet the detail of the skin isn’t compromised.

… and 500L for a single pack for 24 hours (soon to end, if it hasn’t already, so hurry).

In a single pack you get:

  • Hairbase/Bald skins
  • [ DNA ] .::.:HARMONY:.::. [_TYPE 43_] [_EYES_]  in bloodshot and white (not pictured
  • Harmony Shape (not pictured)
  • Browshaper (not pictured)
  • Facelight

All of it for 500L, for now. Tomorrow it will be 1,450L.

The second skin of the day is LeLutka‘s newest, Caleb, by Thora Charron.

I was one of the probable few of the male populace to do the summer LeLutka survey, but one of the things I mentioned was the ‘age’ of their skins. Well, whaddya’ know, it looks like LeLutka paid attention! \o/

Caleb looks a lot younger than Eron, Ishmael (and so on). Around the eyes, there’s detail, but nothing overzealous or too dramatic. It’s an improvement, from my perspective. The only problem I can see now is the shade of the skins offered. The pale (pictured) is dark, whereas their previous releases came in alabaster to ebony shades. However, in spite of that, they do sell a blonde facial hair version of the skin that includes a darker brow tattoo layer.

It didn’t deter me, nonetheless. At 1750L, it was a fair buy, and 250L cheaper than their prices a few months ago.

As usual, LeLutka includes a vast amount of extras along with the skin. Included with a single pack:

  • Hairbase/Bald skins
  • Caleb shape (not pictured)
  • Browshaper (not pictured)
  • Pubic hair (undershirt layer and tattoo layer)
  • Chest hair (undershirt layer and tattoo layer)
  • Homme Intimates Box (aka. a scripted penis and HUD and no, it’s obviously not pictured)
  • Eron Lashes (not pictured)
  • Two Caleb hairs in dark brown. (not pictured)

I was recently speaking to Dr Puddlegum of [Explicit], whose hair I’ve come to like a lot. The styles are modern, yet not heavily scripted or laggy, and they’re mod. At the moment, the shades are limited to four (blonde, brown, ginger and black), but with the ability to mod, that isn’t such a problem. You’ll be seeing a lot of his work in this blog from now on, I’d wager. In the images above you will see his Ax Royce 2.0 Brown hair, modded slightly darker.

‘Other Stuff’ credits:

  • Worn

Shapes by Senan Gartner

Pose by Senan Gartner

Amazing Jockstrap by rcbg. (Kyrsten Jigsaw)

  • Props

Trilogy Skybox designed by Stein Shilova

Armchair by LISP’s Pandora Popst (free in Seasons Hunt)

Umbrella Newspaper by RC Cluster’s Redd Columbia

Fork by Vextra Messing (found it in Cáfe Poulard)

Dirty vintage playboy mags by [croire] (Emily Kaestner)

Someday we’ll be drinking with the seldom seen kid

A quickie.
Just how ya’ like it.

Skin : Den Dou – Eito/ Pale – Clean

Hair : Bryce Designs – Cooper/Stone (modded)

Hat : *DECO – Amazing Flying Fedora/ Solid

Glasses : Reek – Augie Glasses

Pipe : Adjunct – Argyle Bubble Pipe (free in store)

Shirt : PIG – Alphabet City shirt/White

Sweater top : MOGU – Loose long shirt/brown

Jacket : *FIR & MNA* – The Dorset Coat Charcoal Mens (Fifty Linden Friday)

Pants : :+: nerveux :+:  – Sarrouel/Black

Shoes : {theosophy} – Airth Boots/Coal

Pose : [LAP] Long Awkward Pose – Blogger Pack/1

Location : Tableau

I can hear my train comin’

Skin : Sacred Skins – Ethan/Tone 1 -shaved

Hair : LeLutka – Seth/Powder (modded & Group gift)

Glasses : Reek – Classic Aviators with Brow Bar

Fag : cigarette *White B*           N326 (gatcha)

Shirt : [Arnadi] – Ramones Shirt White (Lucky board/can be bought)

Sweater : MOGU –  Gradation Knit/ khaki

Jacket : BalAni – Corduroy Jacket

Jeans : *Muism* – Kirk Jeans/Light dirt (modded)

Suitcase : duboo. – tartan trunk (Seasons Hunt gift)

Boots : [Gos] – Desert Boot/Brown suede

Pose : [LAP] – M – Stroll

Back to school and going Wilde.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: ‘Look at that well-constructed title! How did he get to be so witty?’

It’s a secret. But it might involve a lot of whiskey and many, many years of education. This is why they tell you to go to school, so you can have titles like that.

Some of us … will be getting up (late) at 8.45am to jog to class for 9am.

Look at that picture of despair.
It’s you.
It’s your misery.
It’s your hangover + fresher’s flu + laziness.
Actually, it’s me. But still . . .

What did he throw on himself this time?

Skin : Den Dou – Eito Clean/Pale

Hair : Cheerno – Troylee/ Blonde Platinum

Hairbase : Cheerno – Color Hairbase/ B medio

Tattoo : Aitui – Fool of Fowles

Glasses : Reek – Junior Shades

Shirt : BalAni’s – Vest Brown and White

Pants : Doppelganger Inc. – Cuffed Cords/Brown (50 Linden Friday item)

Shoes : HOC Industries – Easy Striders/Grunge

Pose (Picture 1): Long Awkward Pose – M – Pit Sniffer

P.S  Xaji is still being held ransom, which is why the bas..poor guy never posts. Support Xaji in his time of need and go to Zoobong and demand him back! Or, offer Ashton Reikaz your services . . .

Return of The Rad – The man who has nothing to lose.

The not-so-caped crusader returns.
Conrad Horatio: Dick.
Senan Gartner: Justice.

When caught unaware, Conrad enjoys licking the remainders of … the long-forgotten … glass of milk he had, or so he likes to tell me.

Conrad Horatio: I’m Dick Justice irl.
Senan Gartner: Nothing to lose? I believe that.
Conrad Horatio: I meant the afro.

Dick Justice, take 1 :

Hair : [EGO] – Tak/Dark Chestnut Brown

Skin : Den Dou – Rock Pale/05 Eyeliner

Tattoo Layer : -RC-  – Twisted Tongue/Upright

Tongue : -RC- (RC Cluster) – Milk Moustache (Part of Messy Eater pack)

Dick Justice, take 2 :

Hair : [EGO] – Tak/Dark Chestnut Brown

Skin : Den Dou – Rock Pale/05 Eyeliner

Muffler/Scarf : MOGU – Long Muffler TYPE02/BLACK (gatcha)


Coat : **DP** – yummen:mods coat

Pants : Meriken Co. – Le mando Brown

Shoes : Picnic – panu shoes/black

Pose : [LAP] – M – The Express

Long Awkward Pose is another place that provides cheap and well made poses. I just rediscovered the place and realised that Dove Swanson is selling most of her single poses for 50L. The male poses fit my avatar, so I think I’ll be using those more often.

Xaji Streeter: And there’s a Bloggers Appreciation Programme! \o/

Totally Rad.

Conrad Horatio: bo-nana
Senan Gartner: the teeth and monkey combo make you look a tad gay
Conrad Horatio: your blog makes you look gay
Senan Gartner: point taken. Say it.
Conrad Horatio: Disclaimer: We’re not gay?
Senan Gartner: Yeah that XD
Conrad Horatio: and that helps, how?

He raises an interesting point…

Conrad Horatio: Tiny Tim is legend
Conrad Horatio: let’s omniball at friday

Conrad, take 1:

Skin : .::Mother Goose’s::. – David LB (lucky board)

Hair : [EGO] – Tak / Dark chestnut brown

Tattoo : actchio. –  birds in the skull of a rose tattoo

Teeth & Pose : -RC-  – Whatever, Loser

Monkey Stuffs : -RC-  – Monkey Thingies (gift)

Shirt : Ducknipple – Welcome to Germany

Conrad, take 2:

Skin : .::Mother Goose’s::. – David LB (lucky board)

Hair : [EGO] – Tak / Dark chestnut brown

Tattoo : actchio. –  birds in the skull of a rose tattoo

Glasses : Adjunct – Predator Glasses/Gold rimmed

Shirt : Pig – The Sipowicz (shirt only/part of outfit)

Jacket : *Connors* – Jacket/Azuki

Pants : *Muism* – Straight Fit Jeans/Black Dirt (modded)

Shoes : Redgrave Men – Aviator Boot/Black

Pose : Del May – Mime Swag/Leaning (freebie)

That’s all folks. We’re gonna’ go omniball.

Saturday Overtime

Skin : The Abyss – ID 1208-4

Hair: Epoque – Calm/Poi

Shirt : So what? – Black shirt (part of an outfit)

Vest : *BOOM* – Grey Vest

Coat : Ce Cubic Effect – Coat long and short/Black

Pants : Aitui – Reborn Slacks Low Rise/Onyx

Shoes : Kalnins – Florenza v1.7

Pose : Del May – Relaxed stand male

Poses are tricky. They can be very expensive, and other times, they don’t fit your avatar right. So, I’d like to thank Del May and Rogan Diesel for making affordable and well made poses that fit my avatar.

Del May Mainstore offers a vast array of poses for fashion/art/whatever you want at 40L for a single pose.

Diesel Works Mainstore offers male (and female) poses, mostly fashion oriented, at 90L for a single pose. I’d recommend buying fatpacks from here. They’re worth it.



Xaji has disappeared from the grid. Rumour has it, Ashton Reikaz has kidnapped him and won’t settle for anything less than sordid man-handling. People, send Xaji your condolences, he’s very much alone now.

Buuuut, that’s irrelevant. You’re here to gaze at my mug.

Skin : The Abyss – ID 1208-4

Hair : Bryce Designs – Kenny/Stone Blondes – Pearl (Hair fair freebie)

Shirt : +KiiToS! – Tie-dyed Layered Tshirt/White

Hoodie : Reek – Laundry Day Hoodie/Black

Pants : Emery – Jean Skinny/Black#1

Shoes : UBU Pornstar – Lo-tops

Skin : The Abyss – ID 1208-4

Hair : Bryce Designs – Kenny/Stone Blondes – Pearl (Hair fair freebie)

Shirt : +KiiToS! – Tie-dyed Layered Tshirt/White

Jacket : AOHARU – BT Ram Leather Coat/Black

Pants : *FIR* – Tux Pants/Grey

Shoes : Redgrave Men – Charlston loafers

Pose : Diesel Works – Dante9

The many facets of Sen Gartner.

There’s a time in every person’s SLife where they experiment with their look. You see the BDSM crowd, you see the furries, you see the crack whores, you see those with small-head-syndrome – basically, you see everything imaginable and unimaginable.

You also see the Hipsters. This is my exaggerated take on it. It’s 70s porn star – come – sex offender.

Senan :

Skin : The Abyss – ID 1208-4

Hair : Shag – Rocket Man/Black

Tattoo layer : Cheerno – ColorHAIR base Black/ Surreal

Glasses : ReekJunior Shades

Mouth attachment : {theosophy} – Galli Lips/Stache (Project Themeory)

Pet Rock : {theosophy} Comes with stache

Cardigan/Shirt : Nylon Outfitters (NO) – Men’s Cardigan Mix/Purple & Black

Pants : Meriken Co. –  CELL GY/Long pants (modded)

Shoes : HOC Industries – Easy Strider/Grunge (group members texture)

Project Themeory this week has delivered! Trace Osterham has released another Galli lip attachment, the ‘stache smile, that comes with a pet rock. It’s inspiring, ain’t it.

The rock’s name is Liz. Yes, I know she looks like a very drunk and stupid Irish rock, but the only other name I could come up with would have resulted in a typo-filled war with one of them.

Nobody wants that…